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Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Dentist in Singapore


Ashford Dental Centre 33 Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding can be part of an overall smile makeover process. 

Cosmetic or tooth bonding uses tooth colored resin material to change the shape, size, contour and even the color of your tooth. It is also used to eliminate spaces between your teeth.

It is a fast and effective way of improving aesthetics and can be done in a single visit.

Our Doctors will address your specific concerns in detail using photographs & our intra-oral cameras to capture detail which you may not have seen from looking in a mirror.

Together we can then decide what areas will benefit from cosmetic bonding.

Tooth coloured composite resin material is added to specific areas of your teeth in order to achieve the cosmetic appearance you want, be it closing gaps or changing the shape etc.

A lot of the time, different shades of composite resin is used to mimic your exact tooth colour.

Once this step is done, the resin is polished and finished to a high shine so it resembles your tooth surface exactly.

Once again, using photographs and our intra-oral cameras, you are free to see exactly what changes have been done and ensure you are thoroughly pleased with the result.



  • Relatively fast and hassle free way of resolving spaces between teeth.
  • Fast and effective way of recontouring and correcting mild to moderate changes in shape and size of teeth
  • Can be done in one visit
  • Color of teeth can be changed to match other teeth or to make all the visible shades whiter


  • Using tooth colored resin material means, like a filling it can stain over time. However, if stains do occur, they can always be polished and smoothed off without having to redo the bonding.
  • Composite resin materials will not have the aesthetic spark when compared to Porcelain Veneers. This is because Porcelain mirrors our natural tooth surface (enamel) more closely than Composite Resin.

Costs and Medisave

Cosmetic bonding is not Medisave claimable.

The cost will depend on whether you are closing spaces, recontouring shape or changing the size of a tooth or many teeth.

As a composite resin filling material is used, the cost is less than that of a porcelain veneer.

Ashford also has flexible interest free, in house installment plans available. Our patients enjoy specifically tailored financial plans to suit you and make you comfortable.

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