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Full mouth rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation

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Any full mouth rehabilitation treatment involves a combination of many procedures in order to reconstruct your smile, your bite and indeed your entire facial appearance.

As you can imagine, it is truly life changing experience.

Full mouth rehabilitation is suitable for you, if

  • You have a limited number of remaining teeth
  • You suffer from gum disease and have loose teeth
  • You wear poorly fitting dentures
  • You are dissatisfied with your dentures
  • You do not wish to wear removal dentures
  • You suffer from multiple decayed, missing, extracted or infected teeth

The good news is full mouth rehabilitation will restore your smile and your bite as quickly as within a day in some cases.

Everybody will present with a different set of challenges. Our Doctors at Ashford will discuss with you your treatment goals and objectives. We will then diagnose issues specific to you, and recommend the best course of treatment to have you smiling and enjoying your favorite foods in next to no time.

All on 4

The All on 4 treatment protocol is a type of full mouth rehabilitation. It was first pioneered by the great Portuguese surgeon Dr Paulo Malo.

It involves placing 4 implants at specific sites in each jaw.

These implants are then immediately loaded with a full arch (full set) acrylic bridge.

This bridge essentially replaces all your lost teeth and is fixed to the underlying 4 implants. This means it is not movable.

It will provide you with a new fixed set of teeth potentially on the same day as having your old teeth removed and the 4 implants placed.


  • Life transforming treatment which is permanent. You will enjoy renewed confidence socially, eating and speaking.
  • Can be completed relatively quickly depending on which type of treatment is used. Typically, the All on 4 bridge is delivered within a day or on the same day as treatment.
  • Strong, sound teeth available for chewing improves your nutrition and general health and well being.
  • Any full mouth rehabilitation treatment makes it easy and comfortable for you to clean your new teeth and maintain your oral hygiene well.
  • Fixed solution. The new teeth you have are fixed in your jaw. They are not removable and will not move when you eat or speak. Enjoy the confidence of having fixed teeth and a beautiful smile.

Costs and Medisave

Yes. Each implant placed is partially Medisave claimable.

The overall cost will depend on which type of rehabilitation is best suited for you and which you choose. Our Doctors will go through a detailed consultation with you ensuring you are aware of

  • The existing conditions you might have
  • The options available to you
  • The cost and benefits of each option
  • The disadvantages of each option

We will then recommend what we feel is best for you clinically.

Ashford also has flexible interest free, in house installment plans available. Our patients enjoy specifically tailored financial plans to suit you and make you comfortable.

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