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Wisdom teeth removal

At times, wisdom teeth can cause discomfort due to insufficient space for them to erupt completely …

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Dental implants

Dental implants are a method of replacing a lost tooth. Done correctly and with the right expertise…

Ashford Dental Centre Emergency-dentistry Home

Emergency dentistry

There are few things worse than having a severe toothache or gum pain. It prevents you from working…

Ashford Dental Centre whiteningteeth Home

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can be part of an overall smile design process. The procedure can be used to change

Ashford Dental Centre Scaling-and-polishing-2 Home

Scaling and polishing

Our teeth and gums are utilized each & everyday. The oral cavity also has a very high load…

Ashford Dental Centre Porcelain-Veneers Home

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are largely a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance your smile. As such…

Ashford Dental Centre Invisalign_hm Home


Invisalign involves using customized, clear ‘aligners’ (similar to clear retainers) to gradually….

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 8 Reasons Why Patients Prefer The Ashford Dental Experience

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Our Dentists

Our Surgeons are experienced in clinical performance and patient satisfaction.
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Our fees are affordable fees so that everyone has access to our dental services at the clinic in Singapore.

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Same-Day Appointment

We prioritize getting you out of pain and comfortable again, regardless of how busy we are.

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Caring and Helpful Team

Our dental staff are carefully selected and were taught according to the Ashford Standard of Care.
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Ecologically Friendly Equipment

All the technology available at our clinics in Singapore is considered ‘green” or environmentally friendly. This includes our x-ray apparatus, our sterilization techniques and our dental materials.
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Located at Upper Thomson Rd and Upper Serangoon Rd, our dental clinics are easily accessible.
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Sterilization Technology

Our contemporary dental devices are designed to give thorough infection control and optimal clinical sterilization.
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Strict Quality Control

We adhere to maximum quality in our procedures, delivery and our standards at our clinic in Singapore.

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About Our Clinic

We understand coming to the dental clinic can be an anxious and difficult experience for a lot of people in Singapore and beyond.

Most people are concerned about:

  • what their dentist will tell them
  • physical discomfort throughout the appointment
  • the cost of treatment.

With over more than a decade of clinical experience, we understand each patient will have a different personal dental experience, and a different objective when visiting us. As a trusted and renown dental clinic in Singapore, we strive to make the experience comfortable but effective for all patients.

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Opening Hours
Mon – Fri : 9 AM to 9 PM
Sat & Sun : 9 AM to 6 PM


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