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Ashford Dental Centre has been a leading dental clinic in Singapore for over two decades, operating across three state-of-the-art outlets. Our team of seasoned dental surgeons, backed by their extensive expertise, remains steadfast in their commitment to delivering the Ashford Standard of Care. We provide a wide range of premium general dental and oral surgery services, tailored to ensure our patients receive the highest quality dental care. Our commitment to excellence and our blend of skill and experience set us apart, reinforcing our status as a trusted destination for dental care in Singapore.

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Our Dental Services

At Ashford Dental, we offer a comprehensive range of dental services designed to meet various oral health needs. From everyday procedures to emergency surgery, our expert team of dentists aims to deliver consistent top-quality dental care to all of our patients. Key services offered at our dental clinics in Singapore near you include dental implants, wisdom tooth surgery, root canal treatment, full mouth rehabilitation, and our signature all-on-4 same-day arch replacement. Our clinics are also open on Public Holidays and weekends to address your urgent dental needs, including same-day teeth replacement.

Dental Implants

Effective and durable replacement of lost teeth

Full Mouth Dental Rehabilitation

Restoring your confidence aesthetically and functionally

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Smooth and efficient surgical removals

Root Canal Treatment

Effective root canal therapy carried out under magnification

Dental Emergency

Caters to your urgent dental needs even on public holidays and weekends

Same Day Teeth Replacement

Leave our clinic smiling, with your lost tooth replaced immediately


The signature immediate replacement of upper/lower or both arches within a day

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Reasons to Choose Ashford Dental Centre

Ashford Dental leverages innovative technology and stringent sterilisation protocols to ensure the highest standard of oral care for our patients. We are a trusted provider of expert dental surgery and services dedicated to a patient-centred approach. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our team of dentists in singapore delivers bespoke, high-quality dental treatments tailored to your needs.

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The Ashford Dental Experience

We understand coming to the dental clinic, whether for a routine check-up or a dental surgery, can be an anxious and difficult experience for a lot of people in Singapore and beyond.

Most people are concerned about:

  • what their dentist will tell them
  • physical discomfort throughout the appointment
  • the cost of treatment

With over more than a decade of clinical experience, we understand each patient will have different concerns. As such, we believe in shaping our dental services around you – the patient. This means tailoring our treatments and experience to meet your specific needs.In our quest to become Singapore’s most trusted and respected dental clinic, our promise to you is not just a comfortable experience, but an effective one that leaves you with a confident smile.

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The Ashford Group has 3 strategically located dental clinic facilities islandwide across Singapore, in Thomson, Serangoon and Simpang Bedok.

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    Accredited By:

    Ashford Dental is accredited by the BabyBonus, CPF Medisave, CHAS, Medisave, Merdeka Generation, and Pioneer Generation schemes, reflecting our commitment to serving Singaporeans of all ages. These accreditations underscore our pledge to meet the highest standards of patient care in our dental clinics across Singapore.

    Our Partners:

    Ashford Dental has the honour of partnering with premier brands in the dental industry in Singapore. We proudly work alongside Dentium, Dentsply Sirona, Invisalign, Opalescence Tooth Whitening Systems, Nobel Biocare, 3M, Zoom!, and 3Shape to deliver high-quality dental services at our dental clinics in Singapore.

    Latest Dental News

    Stay updated with the most recent advancements and insights in dental care from Ashford Dental Centre in Singapore. Read more news, articles, and updates from our dental clinics, contributing to your dental knowledge and supporting informed decisions on dental surgery and services.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Clinics in Singapore

    How much is a dental appointment in Singapore?

    The cost of dental appointments at a clinic in Singapore depends on the type of dental service one requires. Aside from consultation fees, the cost of dental treatment and surgeries can span a wide range and greatly depends on the complexity of the procedure. Contact us to find out more about the costs of consultation and the dental procedure or surgery you wish to have.

    Is dental care expensive in Singapore?

    The cost of dental care varies in Singapore clinics. Simple dental procedures like scaling and polishing are less costly, while more extensive surgeries, such as an all-on-4, insertion of dental crowns and orthodontic treatment, tend to be more costly. This is because they are complex and require specific equipment, as well as several follow-up treatments.

    How do I get dental subsidies in Singapore?

    Certain dental procedures such as wisdom tooth surgery, dental implants and surgical teeth extractions are covered under the MediSave scheme. This means Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents (PRs) are eligible to claim the costs of these procedures.

    Can I use the CHAS card for dental procedures?

    As a CHAS-accredited dental clinic in Singapore, Ashford Dental offers subsidies for those covered under the Community Health Assistance (CHAS) scheme. Under the CHAS scheme, if you are a CHAS Orange, Blue or Green card holder, you are entitled to subsidies for specific dental treatments. These special subsidies are also extended to all Pioneer Generation (PG) and Merdeka Generation (MG) seniors.Routine dental procedures such as scaling and polishing, fillings, extractions, root canal treatments, are covered under this scheme. Simply present your card along with your NRIC to enjoy these subsidies.

    How do I book a dentist appointment in Singapore?

    To book an appointment at one of our three Ashford Dental clinics in Singapore, fill out our appointment form online or send an email to us at Alternatively, find the closest clinic to you and call us to confirm a dental slot.

    How often should you go to the dentist?

    To maintain your oral health, visit the dentist or dental clinic once every six months. By visiting the dentist regularly, you can have your teeth professionally cleaned and detect cavities or other oral issues early. If you have existing dental issues or a history of dental issues, your dentist may advise you on a suitable frequency of visits to help you manage your oral health.

    What safety measures are in place at Ashford Dental Clinic?

    At Ashford Dental Clinic, we are committed to safeguarding the well-being of our patients through upholding our Ashford Standard of Care. We engage in regular audits and maintain meticulous record-keeping for our sterilisation procedures, ensuring a standard of care that instils confidence and trust in our services.Some patient safety processes we have implemented include training on infection control and safety practices; vacuum sterilisation of single-use equipment to the optimal standard of industry practice; tracking and tagging of all equipment by managers to ensure sterilisation protocols; thorough wipe downs and disinfections after each patient. Our waste materials are also disposed off in accordance with guidelines set by Singapore’s Ministry of Health, and we continue to incorporate the highest standards in industry standards to ensure a safe dental environment for patients.

    How experienced are the dental surgeons at Ashford Dental Clinic?

    Our dental surgeons at Ashford Dental Clinic come with an impressive range of qualifications and years of experience. Trained at top universities and with service in various esteemed medical facilities, their expertise spans all aspects of general dentistry and specialised dental surgery. You can be confident in the skill and knowledge they bring to your dental care. Find out more about our team and their qualifications.

    What can I expect during a routine dental check-up?

    A routine dental check-up at Ashford Dental Clinic is thorough yet efficient. It usually includes a comprehensive oral examination, professional cleaning, scaling and polishing, and, if necessary, X-rays to check for hidden issues. Our dentists will also provide personalised oral health advice, focusing on preventive care to maintain your dental health.

    What post-treatment dental care instructions should I follow?

    After treatment, our team at Ashford Dental Clinic will provide specific post-care instructions based on the procedure. This typically includes guidelines on oral hygiene practices, dietary recommendations, and activity restrictions. Examples of instructions may include avoiding physical exertion, avoiding hot and/or cold food, tips for reducing soreness and inflammation, and how to use specific dental implements to clean your teeth properly post-procedure. Following these instructions helps ensure a smooth recovery and optimal results from your treatment.

    How long does a dental appointment typically take?

    The duration of a dental appointment at Ashford Dental Clinic varies depending on the complexity of the procedure. A dental filling may take less than an hour, while a root canal or dental implant placement could take longer or require multiple sessions to fully complete. We ensure all procedures are performed meticulously and comfortably, prioritising your dental health and satisfaction. Our dentists will be able to advise you of the timeframe for the procedure and recovery during an initial consultation.

    What are the prices for dental appointments in Ashford Dental Centre?

    The pricing for dental appointments at an Ashford clinic varies depending on the specific service needed. Alongside consultation fees, the overall cost of dental treatments and procedures can fluctuate based on their complexity. Get in touch with us for detailed information on consultation costs and the pricing of the dental procedure you’re interested in.

    What is Ashford Dental's review rating?

    Ashford Dental Clinic has earned a stellar 4.8-star rating on Google & 5 star rating on Yelp across its three locations, backed by 707+ reviews. Patients are consistently delighted with their exceptional treatment and care. Experience top-notch dental services with confidence!