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Ashford’s Technology

Low radiation Digital X-rays

  • We engage proven equipment with more than 50 years of reliability in maxillofacial imaging
  • Adjustable scanning areas to automatically reduce dose in the facial region
  • Low dose technology which provides low dose scans while still producing the gold standard of image quality



  • All surgical procedures are done with 2 clinical light sources and 1.5x magnification
  • All routine dental procedures are done with either x2 or x3 magnification using dental loupes


Rotary Endodontics (Single use) – for Root Canal Treatment

  • Files used to clean root canals during the procedure are single use only
  • We use the gold standard rotary tapered files which increase efficiency and reduce clinical time
  • Strict infection control protocols mean a high standard of clinical sterilization and no cross infection


Intra-oral cameras

  • High resolution imagery of your teeth, gums, soft tissue
  • Transparency in diagnosis. You can see what your tooth looks like and what the problems are
  • Transparency in treatment. You can see what the after photo looks like. You can compare before and after treatment photos of your teeth.


3D Cone Bean CT

  • 3D software allowing us to capture maxillofacial areas in all 3 dimensions
  • Allows us to see positioning of anatomical structure and width, height or thickness of bone
  • Allows us to perform surgical procedures with the utmost precision using guided tools


Sophisticated patient comfort systems

  • ADEC sewn upholstery chairs allow a relaxing and comfortable appointment
  • Ceiling TV screens allow you to watch movies or play music during your appointment
  • Recovery areas for you to relax after longer procedures and not be rushed away


Highest infection control & sterilization standards

  • Gold standard of digital touchscreen autoclave machines
  • Smooth and precise flow of sterilizing instruments designed over 10 years of clinical experience
  • Ability to track all instruments to ensure your safety and wellbeing


High resolution photographs

  • Extra oral photos for smile designs and orthodontic procedures give you the comfort of transparency in seeing your before, during and after pictures
  • Pictures in high resolution for optimal detail
  • High quality pictures allow us to provide the optimal diagnosis and treatment for you


Sleep Dentistry 

  • Indicated for particularly nervous patients who have complex treatment
  • Smooth, efficient and hassle free treatment done under IV sedation at our facility
  • Recover with us to ensure you are healthy and happy before leaving
  • We are registered to perform dental procedures under GA (general anesthetic) in Novena Medical using their facilities too, if you prefer.