The Ashford Experience

We understand coming to the dentist can be an anxious and difficult experience for a lot of people. Most people are concerned about:

  • what their dentist will tell them
  • physical discomfort throughout the appointment
  • the cost of treatment.

Over more than a decade of clinical experience, we understand each patient will have a different personal dental experience, and a different objective when visiting us.

It is our understanding of the differing needs and wants of our patients, that gives rise to what we call The Ashford Experience.

The experience begins with a phone call or a visit to our clinic. Our staff are experienced and trained to understand your customized needs and warmly advise you accordingly.

This leads to a consult with one of our Doctors. In a comfortable and peaceful setting, we will assess & address all your concerns in our trademark compassionate way. The experience is unrushed and reassuring.

Our team will explain all your treatment options, cost options and only recommend what we would do ourselves or for our family members.

Treatment rooms fitted with our contemporary equipment allow us to carry out procedures skilfully, accurately and to the optimal standard. Our chairs are furnished with comfortable upholstery and TV screens to keep you relaxed & even entertained while your treatment is being carried out.

Being discharged, our friendly receptionists & treatment coordinators will ensure you had a pleasant visit with us and schedule a review or your next appointment.

The Ashford Experience is a flow cycle from start to finish. We tailor every step according to your specific needs. We ensure the experience is a blissful and pleasant one.

  • All surgical procedures are done with 2 clinical light sources and 1.5x magnification
  • All routine dental procedures are done with either x2 or x3 magnification using dental loupes
Intra-oral cameras

High resolution imagery of your teeth, gums, soft tissue

Transparency in diagnosis. You can see what your tooth looks like and what the problems are

Transparency in treatment. You can see what the after photo looks like. You can compare before and after treatment photos of your teeth.

3D Cone Beam CT

3D software allowing us to capture maxillofacial areas in all 3 dimensions

Allows us to see positioning of anatomical structure and width, height or thickness of bone

Allows us to perform surgical procedures with the utmost precision using guided tools

Sophisticated patient comfort systems
  • ADEC sewn upholstery chairs allow a relaxing and comfortable appointment
  • Ceiling TV screens allow you to watch movies or play music during your appointment
  • Recovery areas for you to relax after longer procedures and not be rushed away
Intra Oral Scanners

One of the latest developments in dental technology, our intra oral scanners allow us to scan all surfaces of your teeth and gums seamlessly. This circumvents the need for moulds or impressions which can be uncomfortable and messy. 

Our intra oral scanners employ sophisticated technology allowing us to

    • Capture incredible detail in each scan 
    • Analyse your bite and correct any discrepancies 
    • Detect teeth which are susceptible to decay 
    • Detect surfaces on teeth which are worn and susceptible to fracture 
    • Detailed oral pathology detection

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