International Patients

Singapore attracts a multitude of international visitors annually. A vast number of our visitors seek healthcare treatment within Singapore’s private sector.

This is largely due to Singapore’s standing as a world leader in the provision of quality healthcare, strong infection control regulations and its employment of sophisticated, modern technology.

International Patients Support

At Ashford, we are fortunate to have treated patients from all over Asia, Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Being a trusted healthcare provider, we are able to support our International Patients with:

a) Their own provider clinician, treatment coordination and setting up of treatment visits prior to their arrival in Singapore
b) Detailed breakdown of billing and financial consulting
c) Scheduling transport including airport pickup and transfer to and from appointments
d) Scheduling accommodation in nearby hotels (our experienced team of customer service executives will ensure our patients receive the best rates at nearby 5-star hotels)
e) Scheduling arrangements for family members
f) Provision of detailed treatment memorandums, consolidation of invoices and other documents needed for insurance or record-keeping purposes

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