Staff Training

All our friendly surgeons are part of the Ashford team because of specific skills they have. 

They are/have

  • Skilled at all aspects of general dentistry 
  • Excellent communicators and are able to explain all dental concepts to our valued patients 
  • A love and passion for helping others and believe in the importance of healthcare 
  • Committed to professional development and enhancing their skills constantly

The Ashford Standard of care requires all Ashford support staff to be thoroughly trained in:

  • General dental knowledge 
  • Customer service 
  • Sterilization techniques 
  • Assisting surgical procedures 
  • Assisting aesthetic dentistry procedures 

This means our surgeons are supported by a group of well trained, motivated and enthusiastic staff members at all times. 

This also means that our patients enjoy dealing with knowledgeable and skilled dental support personnel. It makes your visit to the dentist easier and enables your procedures to be done efficiently.

Staff Structure

Each of our dental facilities have a dedicated practice manager. The practice manager has specific training and experience in: 

  • Managing our valued patients and catering to all their needs 
  • All dental procedures 
  • General dental knowledge 
  • Sterilization and workplace safety 
  • Managing team members 

All our practice managers report to the company’s Operations Manager who oversees the smooth running of each Ashford facility.

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