Pregnancy and Dentistry

During pregnancy, a woman’s hormone levels change dramatically! Oestrogen and progesterone levels start to rise quickly and a new hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin, starts being produced. These result in many changes.

Orally, her gums will feel more swollen due to the increased blood supply. She may also develop teeth sensitivity. With lower immunity, there is also an increased rate of gum infection or tooth decay during pregnancy. It is thus very important to maintain good oral health to increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy. An infection can increase the chances of pregnancy complications, such as low birth weight, birth complications, even miscarriage.

Ideally, a woman should see a dentist even while she is trying to conceive, to ensure they are healthy and free of decay. Women are also encouraged to have simple cleaning and polishing during their second trimester. In addition, women should make sure they brush twice daily with a fluoridated toothpaste, floss regularly every night and use a good antiseptic mouthwash for their gums.

Can dental treatment be done during pregnancy?
Yes. Simple scaling, polishing and even fillings can be done. Complex treatment like root canal treatments, wisdom teeth or simple extractions will need to be checked with the dentist before proceeding.

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