Bone Grafts

Over time, your jawbone can lose volume for a variety of different reasons. These include

  • Gum disease 
  • Extracted teeth 
  • Pathological cysts 
  • Trauma 

The bone grafting procedure is designed to re-volumise the lost bone. Bone grafts also stimulate the formation of new bone cells in your jaw. 

There are essentially 3 methods of sourcing for bone graft material:

  1. We can take bone from another site in your mouth (a host site) and use it where it is needed 
  2. We can use bone from a non-human source 
  3. We can use synthetic bone 

It is most common to use synthetic bone.

You may require a bone graft if: 

  • You have lost significant bone height and width and you intend to have a dental implant placed 
  • You have significant periodontal or gum disease 
  • You have had an injury or trauma


Advantages of a Bone Graft

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Cost Information

If you are a Singaporean or a permanent resident or you have an immediate family member who is, then you may use Medisave to cover a portion of cost of Bone grafts. However, in certain cases, there may be restrictions to what can be claimed. Please get in touch with us for further pricing details

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