Children’s Dental Clinic in Singapore

At Ashford, we know how stressful it can be when your little one has dental problems. Our children-friendly practice will ensure your child gets the optimal dental care with our experienced, friendly and patient team. We want to make sure little ones don’t have to fear a visit to the dentist!

Good dental hygiene is important for your child in their early years to prevent cavities and tooth decay. We work closely with and guide parents on their children’s dental development, for treatments and to prevent future dental issues.

When to Bring Your Kids to The Dentist

We warmly encourage & welcome kids to visit for routine checkups and hygiene visits to get used to our dental clinic and our team from a young age.

We recommend bringing your kids to the dentist as early as a year old, or within 6 months of their first tooth coming in. This allows our dentists to prevent any dental issues instead of having to treat them at a later stage. Our dentists can advise you on how often you have to bring your kids in for a dental checkup at the clinic after their first visit. 

At our clinic, our dentists will do a full examination of your child’s dental and soft tissue development. Following which, we will advise on proper oral hygiene, proper tooth brushing techniques and how to prevent decays.

We also encourage parents to bring their little ones in with them when having hygiene visits so we can meet and greet them.

Costs and Medisave

The cost for dental procedures on children will depend on what procedure is required. Our costs are affordable and we always offer in-house, flexible installment plans if you require.

If you’re wondering if there’s a children’s dental clinic near me, look no further! We’re here to serve you at your convenience so your child can have a stress-free visit to the dentist. We have branches around Singapore at Thomson, Serangoon and Bedok. Book an appointment with us through our online form and our customer service team will get back to you in a day. You can also call any of your preferred branches, whatsapp us or email us at

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Children’s Dental Clinic in Singapore

    1. Do dentists clean children’s teeth?

    Yes, dentists can clean both adults and children’s teeth. At an established dental clinic, in addition to cleaning children’s teeth, dentists are well-experienced in helping kids get used to the experience of visiting a dentist, advise you on your child’s dental development and how to prevent future dental issues.

    2. How do I choose a dentist for my child?

    You can start by determining if the dentist or dental clinic are experienced in treating children. Ideally, you would want to choose a dentist who is either experienced or is confident in dental treatments for kids. Do also look out for the location of the children’s dental clinic, costs and the availability of in-house installment plans.

    3. Is it common for children to have cavities?

    Cavities or tooth decay is quite common in children. Children are more likely to get cavities as the enamel on their baby teeth is not hardened like the ones on adult teeth. However, cavities are easily preventable with good oral hygiene and diet practices. The dentist will be able to advise further on how to treat and prevent cavities for kids.

    4. What are the most common dental procedures in pediatrics?

    Common dental procedures performed at children’s dental clinics include: dental cleaning, dental fillings for cavities, and teeth extraction.

    5. Can you stop tooth decay in children?

    Existing tooth decay and cavities have to be treated at the dental clinic, but further tooth decay in children can be prevented by following excellent oral hygiene and diet practices closely. Speak to your dentist to learn more about these best practices.

    6. How do I prepare my child for dental treatment?

    It is normal for your child to be worried about their visit to the dentist or their upcoming dental treatments. Provide the support kids need and help them to stay calm by sharing some details about their dental treatment, focus on the positives of getting the treatment and give them a reward to look forward to after the treatment at the dentist.

    Furthermore, when you make regular visits to the dental clinic with your kids from young, be it for their dental checkups or to accompany you, they become more accustomed to and prepared for visits and treatments.