Dental Bridges Treatment

A dental bridge is a method of replacing lost teeth. It involves placing a full coverage crown or cap onto the teeth on either side of the space created by the lost tooth. These teeth support the bridge and are known as abutment teeth.

A false tooth (called a pontic) is fused in between these crowns to replace the lost tooth. It essentially involves using the strength of the teeth on either side of the space to anchor a replacement tooth.

Since bridges consist of 3 or more crowns being fused together, the materials used are the same as what is used for the individual crowns. At Ashford Dental, our dentists use either:

  • Porcelain fused to semi-precious or precious metal
  • Full Porcelain
  • Zirconia

Please see our section on Dental Crowns to read more about these three materials.

Because dental bridges involve trimming or interfering with potentially healthy teeth adjacent to the gap we are replacing, contemporary times have seen a shift away from dental bridges and more towards dental implants.

However, there are still certain situations where you should consider a bridge:

  • To replace a previous bridge that is faulty or broken
  • Where dental implants are contraindicated
  • Where a fast but permanent tooth replacement is needed
  • Where the gaps for the intended replacement are too narrow or small for dental implant placement

Dental Bridge Process

Possible Risks Or Complications

While dental bridges are generally safe and well-tolerated, there are some possible risks and complications to consider. It is essential to be aware of these potential issues to make an informed decision about the treatment. Complications may include:

  • Sensitivity: After the placement of a dental bridge, some patients may experience increased sensitivity in the treated teeth. This sensitivity is usually temporary and subsides over time.
  • Gum Irritation: In some cases, the bridge may cause mild gum irritation, which can be managed with proper oral hygiene and follow-up care.

Our dentists will provide you with comprehensive aftercare instructions to minimise the risk of complications and ensure a smooth recovery.

Proper aftercare is crucial to maintaining the longevity and functionality of your dental bridge. Here are some essential guidelines for post-treatment care and maintenance:

  • Oral Hygiene Practices: Regular brushing and flossing are essential to keep your dental bridge clean and free from plaque buildup. Our dentists will guide you on the best oral hygiene practices to maintain optimal oral health.
  • Dietary Restrictions: While dental bridges are sturdy, it is advisable to avoid excessively hard or sticky foods that could potentially damage the bridge. We will provide you with a list of foods to avoid to ensure the longevity of your dental bridge.
  • Warning Signs: Pay attention to any signs of discomfort, unusual sensations, or changes around the dental bridge area. If you experience any issues, contact our dental clinic promptly for a check-up.

Regular dental check-ups and cleanings with your dentist are vital to monitor the condition of your dental bridge and overall oral health. Our dental team will schedule review appointments 2 weeks later, and subsequently every 6 months thereafter, to ensure that your dental bridge remains comfortable, functional, and long-lasting.

Types Of Dental Bridges

At Ashford Dental, we offer various types of dental bridges to cater to different patient needs. Each type has its advantages and considerations. Here are the common types of dental bridges in Singapore:

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Bridges In Singapore

Is getting dental bridges a good option?

A dental bridge is a great option for those in Singapore who are missing more than one consecutive tooth and for those who suffer from gum disease.

How long will a dental bridge last?

Typically, dental bridges in Singapore are expected to last for up to five to seven years. If users practice good oral hygiene and clean their bridges frequently, it may last beyond 10 years.

Can a dental bridge be done in one day?

Ashford Dental’s dentists can finish the dental bridge procedure within 45-90 minutes, but it will take more time for the permanent bridge to be fabricated.

How long does the healing process take after getting a dental bridge?

The healing process after getting a dental bridge is usually straightforward and should not take more than a few days. Any discomfort or sensitivity experienced during this time is typically temporary and should subside quickly. If you have any concerns, our dental team is here to support you.

Will there be any discomfort or pain during the procedure?

The dental bridge procedure is generally painless, as it is performed under local anaesthesia. However, patients may experience mild discomfort or sensitivity after the procedure, which is usually temporary. Our skilled dentists take every measure to ensure a comfortable treatment experience.

How long can a patient expect the dental bridge to last with proper care?

With proper care and regular dental check-ups, patients can expect their dental bridge to last for many years. However, individual factors and oral hygiene practices can influence the longevity of the bridge. Our dentists will guide you on how to maintain your dental bridge for optimal results.

Dental Bridge Cost in Singapore

The cost of a dental bridge in Singapore depends on how many teeth we are replacing and what type of crown material is used. Ashford Dental also has flexible, interest-free, in-house installment plans available. Our patients enjoy specifically tailored financial plans to suit their needs and make them comfortable.

While dental bridges are not claimable by Medisave in Singapore, we understand the importance of utilising available benefits, such as applicable dental insurance coverage and subsidies, to further manage the cost of dental bridges. These options can significantly help alleviate the financial burden of the dental bridge procedure for our patients.

Please get in touch with us for further details regarding the cost of a dental bridge.

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