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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

A crown is essentially a full coverage cap which is cemented unto your existing tooth. Needless to say, the existing tooth needs to be trimmed or prepared first in order for the crown to fit over it.

This procedure is done on severely broken down teeth where a normal dental filling might be too weak to last. It is also used on teeth which have previously had root canal treatment and do not have much natural tooth left. In such a situation, a normal dental filling might be too weak to support good function.

Crowns can be made of several materials. Our clinicians will always advise you on what material is best suited for your specific situation.

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Types of Crowns

Full Metal Crowns

It is rare that a full metal crown Is used due to aesthetic reasons. When they are used, it is normally in fusion with some tooth coloured Porcelain to improve aesthetics even on back teeth.

There are specific reasons relating to how your teeth bite which may mandate a full metal crown (only on back teeth). If this is the case, our Doctors will discuss this thoroughly with you and show you examples of how it looks.

We use only semi precious or precious metals to ensure quality materials and long durability.

Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns

This is probably the most commonly used crown in dentistry. It is an amalgamation of tooth coloured porcelain with either semi precious or precious metal.

Both these elements are essentially fused together so the porcelain is visible only and a layer of metal is on the inside of the crown. This option is cost effective and produces a result which is aesthetically pleasing, with a high tensile and compressive strength.

Full Ceramic Crowns

There are several types of full porcelain crowns available. The type of crown we use depends on the type of ceramic we want to use in your situation. For instance, in some cases hardness and strength is more important that aesthetic appearance. Our doctors and laboratory technicians decide on the best type of ceramic for your specific tooth.

Designing the ceramic is very important which is why our Doctors only work with technicians we trust and have worked with for many years. This allows for a smooth work flow between the clinical procedure and the laboratory work which gives you the best possible result.

Full porcelain crowns are tooth coloured and are matched to look exactly like your natural teeth. A full porcelain crown will be completely indistinguishable from a natural tooth beside it.

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia is essentially a type or sub-class of full ceramic crowns as described above. It provides excellent aesthetics and is indistinguishable from your natural teeth, as are full ceramic crowns.

The fundamental difference with Zirconia lies in its strength. Zirconia is an extremely hard crystal which will give your crown a very high degree of compressive strength allowing for strong loads and longevity in your mouth.

Despite its hardness it is extremely safe and has been used very successfully for many years in dentistry. It has many used in both cosmetic and functional applications and continues to be one of the most popular choices for crown material today.


  • Crowns have a high tensile strength and will be more durable and last longer than a filling.
  • Crowns are aesthetically pleasing and can be matched to your existing tooth color so they look perfectly natural.
  • The crown preparation procedure at Ashford is done smoothly and efficiently with no discomfort.
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Costs and Medisave

Crowns are not Medisave claimable.

Being a permanent restorative solution, the cost of a crown tends to be higher than that of a conventional filling. The materials used for crown manufacture namely porcelain, zirconia, pressed ceramic or even precious metals are costlier as well.

However, what you get is essentially a brand-new tooth, made to last a long period, with a high tensile strength to hold up against strong bite forces & a very aesthetic finish.


Why choose Ashford?

Dental Crowns


Our Doctors have more than 30 years of combined dental private practice experience. The process of preparing for a crown and cementing one is very technique sensitive. Our doctors not only have experience but the benefit of tireless hours of postgraduate training in crown prosthetics to ensure you get the optimal results.

Laboratory work

In addition to having an in-house laboratory, we only work with experienced ceramic technicians in Singapore. All our Crowns are made locally, inspected by our dentists under microscope before we fit them.


Our crowns are all done using magnification and a dual light source. We also spare no expense in our materials for taking impressions (molds) and preparing your tooth for the crown. This ensures no errors are made and your result is long lasting, looks great and feels fantastic.


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