Do You Have a Dental Emergency in Singapore?

Picture this: after a long day at work, you suddenly begin to experience a severe toothache. You are searching for a nearby dentist in Singapore, but all of them are closed. At this hour? How are you going to find a solution for your tooth pain without treatment from a reputable dental clinic in Singapore? Tired of searching for “24 hour dental clinic near me?”Luckily, Ashford Dental is a clinic that is open after hours, during weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and on public holidays in Singapore. Our emergency dentists are seasoned, professional and dependable.At Ashford Dental, we understand that dental emergencies can be distressing and require immediate attention. Our commitment is to provide reliable and trusted emergency dental services in Singapore, ensuring that you receive the prompt care you need during critical moments. Our team of experienced emergency dentists is well-equipped to handle a wide range of dental emergencies, from severe toothaches to knocked-out teeth and oral infections. When faced with a dental emergency, you can trust Ashford Dental to provide expert care and alleviate your pain promptly, restoring your oral health and peace of mind.

Our Dental Emergency Clinics

The Ashford Group operates three strategically located facilities islandwide to cater to your emergency dental needs. You can find us at Thomson (215 Upper Thomson Rd, Thomson Ridge, Singapore 574349), Serangoon (197 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 534874), and Simpang Bedok (337 Bedok Rd, Singapore 469514). No matter where you are in Singapore, our emergency dental clinics are easily accessible to ensure you receive timely and convenient care.

Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can strike unexpectedly, causing immense discomfort and potential risks if not addressed promptly. Some common dental emergencies include severe toothaches, broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, abscesses, and oral infections. Delaying treatment for these emergencies can lead to further complications, jeopardising your oral health. If you experience any of these emergencies, it is crucial to seek immediate dental care in Singapore to prevent worsening conditions and alleviate your pain effectively.

Understanding Toothache Emergencies

Toothaches are often indicators of underlying dental issues, such as tooth decay, dental infections, cracked teeth, or gum disease. Severe or persistent toothaches may be signs of a dental emergency that requires urgent attention. Ignoring toothaches can exacerbate the problem and result in more severe pain and complications. At Ashford Dental, we prioritise your well-being and are dedicated to providing swift and effective treatment in Singapore to address toothache emergencies and restore your dental health.

When you visit Ashford Dental for emergency dental treatment, you can expect a streamlined and efficient process designed to alleviate your pain and address your dental emergency promptly. Our expert dental team in Singapore will assess and diagnose your emergency, utilising advanced dental technology and equipment to ensure comprehensive and effective care. We take pride in our promptness and efficiency, making sure you receive the attention you need without unnecessary delays. Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities, and our team will guide you through the treatment process with compassion and expertise.

Treatment For Toothache

For toothache emergencies, our skilled dentists in Singapore offer a range of treatment options tailored to your specific needs. These may include dental fillings, root canal therapy, extractions, or antibiotic medication to address infections. Our use of advanced techniques and materials ensures the restoration of your tooth’s functionality and the effective relief of pain. At Ashford Dental, we take a personalised approach, crafting a treatment plan that caters to your unique dental condition and goals, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your emergency dental needs.

Patient-Centric Approach and Personalised Care

At Ashford Dental, we take great pride in our patient-centric approach, putting your needs and comfort at the forefront of our emergency dental services in Singapore. Our dedicated team provides personalised care, ensuring you feel supported and at ease throughout the treatment process. We go the extra mile to provide patient education, post-treatment guidance, and follow-up appointments, ensuring a holistic and caring experience during your dental emergency journey.

Why Choose Ashford?

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When you’re having a dental emergency, our team in Singapore is always there for you. We provide a wide range of dental treatments and services, so when that severe toothache strikes you can be assured that we can help you.As always at Ashford, you come first and our dentists strive to give you a remarkable and pleasant experience even during emergencies.If you are an international patient, rest assured we have the expertise and experience to be able to treat and support you as well.We look forward to the privilege of serving you when you need it the most.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Dentists in Singapore

1. What is considered to be a dental emergency?

Generally, a dental emergency is any situation that requires urgent dental care to save a tooth, stop ongoing gum bleeding, or alleviate severe pain. For example, if you have a piece of metal – such as a crown or bridge – come loose, you should see a dentist right away. The same is true if you crack or break a tooth, at which your dentist may advise dental crown surgery to protect it from further damage. In addition, if you have a severe gum infection or an abscessed tooth, you should also seek treatment with an emergency dentist in Singapore.

2. When is a toothache an emergency?

While most toothaches are not serious enough to be considered an emergency, there are some cases where you should seek immediate medical attention from a doctor in Singapore. If the pain is severe and/or accompanied by fever, swelling, or jaw pain, it is advisable to visit a dental clinic as soon as possible. These symptoms could be indicative of a more severe problem, such as an abscessed tooth. If you’re unsure whether or not your toothache is an emergency, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and consult your dentist.

3. What helps unbearable tooth pain?

If you’re struggling to manage your tooth pain, there are a few things that may help. Placing a cold compress on the outside of your cheek, for example, can provide numbing relief. You may also try rinsing your mouth with warm salt water. This can help to reduce swelling and loosen any food particles that may be trapped in the affected area. However, if the pain continues to persist, it is important to schedule an appointment with a nearby dental clinic in Singapore.

4. What will the dentist do for an emergency toothache?

At the dental clinic, the dentist will first ask about your medical history and symptoms. They will then examine your mouth and take X-rays to determine the cause of the pain. Depending on the severity of the infection, they may place a filling or recommend a root canal. In some cases, they may simply clean the affected tooth and provide pain relief medication.

5. Are there home care remedies for toothache?

While home care remedies may provide temporary relief, it is essential to seek professional dental care in Singapore for a toothache. You can rinse your mouth with warm saltwater, apply a cold compress to reduce swelling, and take over-the-counter pain relievers following the manufacturer’s instructions. However, these measures do not address the underlying cause of the toothache. Schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist at Ashford Dental to receive proper diagnosis and treatment.

6. Are dental emergencies covered by insurance?

Dental insurance plans may cover emergency dental services in Singapore, depending on the policy and the nature of the emergency. It is crucial to review your insurance coverage or contact your insurance provider to understand the extent of coverage for dental emergencies.

7. How quickly can I expect to be seen in a dental emergency?

At Ashford Dental, we prioritise dental emergencies and strive to provide prompt care. If you have a dental emergency in Singapore, contact us immediately to schedule an appointment. We will make every effort to see you as soon as possible, often on the same day or within 24 hours, to address your urgent dental needs.

8. Are there any temporary measures I can take to relieve dental pain until I receive professional treatment?

If you are experiencing dental pain, you can rinse your mouth with warm saltwater, apply a cold compress to the affected area, and take over-the-counter pain relievers as directed. However, these measures are temporary solutions. It is essential to seek professional dental care to diagnose the underlying issue and receive appropriate treatment.

9. What should I do if my tooth gets knocked out in an accident?

If your tooth is knocked out, handle it carefully by the crown (top part) and avoid touching the root. Rinse the tooth gently with milk or saline solution if it’s dirty. Try to place the tooth back into the socket without force, but if that’s not possible, store it in milk or saline solution and get to the dentist immediately. Time is critical for successful replantation. Contact an emergency dentist at Ashford Dental immediately for guidance and urgent care.

10. Is a broken or chipped tooth considered a dental emergency?

Yes, a broken or chipped tooth is considered a dental emergency. Even if you don’t experience immediate pain, a broken tooth can lead to infections or further damage if left untreated. Contact Ashford Dental for an emergency appointment to evaluate the extent of the injury and receive appropriate treatment.

11. What are the signs of a dental abscess, and is it considered a dental emergency?

A dental abscess is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition that requires immediate attention. Signs of a dental abscess may include severe tooth pain, swelling of the face or gums, fever, and a foul taste or smell in the mouth. If you suspect a dental abscess, seek emergency dental care at Ashford Dental immediately.

12. Can a loose or dislodged dental crown or filling be considered a dental emergency?

Yes, a loose or dislodged dental crown or filling can be considered a dental emergency. It can expose the underlying tooth structure to sensitivity and potential damage. Contact Ashford Dental promptly to schedule an emergency appointment for repair or replacement of the crown or filling to protect your tooth.

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