Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is the application of high concentration topical fluoride on your teeth after a scale and polish. 

Fluoride has an advantageous effect on tooth enamel. It penetrates into the enamel matrix and re-mineralises the crystalline structure of the enamel. 

Our teeth are used everyday for a wide range of functions. This affects the enamel matrix structure weakening it with time. Fluoride treatment done regularly restores the enamel structure making your teeth strong and healthy again.

Fluoride treatment is a preventive care treatment which ought to be adopted by everyone after their routine scaling and polishing. However, the treatment should be done more often or using a higher concentration fluoride source if:

  • You have sensitive teeth 
  • You have not seen a dentist in a while (more than 12 months) 
  • You have developmental anomalies in your teeth 
  • You take or have taken certain medication which affect the enamel structure of your teeth 
  • You have teeth which stain easily 
  • You have thin or wearing enamel


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