Dental Fillings

When a tooth sustains damage through decay or wear or trauma, it needs to be restored. Some restorations are small and others are larger. But the result is to re-establish the original shape and morphology of the tooth.

Ashford standards ensure the final product feels good, is aesthetically pleasing and is functional for eating.

Scaling & Polishing

Our teeth and gums are utilized each & everyday. The oral cavity also has a very high load of bacteria at any given time. Put these things together and we can establish that our teeth and gums need regular maintenance and cleaning.

Scaling & polishing removes plaque buildup, calculus (hardened plaque) from teeth thereby keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Regular appointments allow any small problems (e.g. cavities) to be detected and treated before they become larger problems which are more complicated and costly to solve.

Scaling & polishing keeps both the hard and soft tissue in your mouth clean and healthy, maintains good hygiene and can resolve bad breath.


Dentures are a fast and low cost way of replacing lost teeth. They use acrylic teeth mounted upon an acrylic base or a cobalt-chrome base.

Flexible acrylic dentures are also available which allow the denture to flex in your mouth thereby reducing the stress on your gums and other teeth.

Costs and Medisave

General Dentistry is not Medisave clamable.

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