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Invisalign Dentist in Singapore

Invisalign Dentist in Singapore

Invisalign involves using customized, clear ‘aligners’ (similar to clear retainers) to gradually straighten your teeth and correct bite problems.

Invisalign has enjoyed tremendous popularity due to its comfort, flexibility of wear and patient involvement in treatment planning. These treatments are available at our clinic in Singapore.

Our Doctors will do a 3-Dimensional (3D) mock-up of what your teeth currently look like, and what they will look like after Invisalign treatment. Our dentist in Singapore will also recommend the best treatment to suit your teeth.

You are free to see the final result and even make changes to certain things yourself before proceeding.
We will go through as many treatment plans or alterations as you like before proceeding.

Invisalign aligners at our clinic in Singapore are almost invisible which allows our patients to continue to function during work and socially without being conscious. The ‘smart-track’ material is extremely comfortable on the lips, cheeks and tongue.

Aligners are normally removed when eating so there are no diet restrictions when using Invisalign.

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What is the Invisalign process like?

The process begins with a thorough record taking session at our clinic in Singapore. It is here that we take x-rays and photographs of your teeth and smile from different angles as well as impressions or moulds.

We then send these records to Invisalign in the United States. We do so along with a very detailed treatment plan and prescription devised by our Doctors on what changes we want made to your smile or bite.

In a week or so, Invisalign will send our clinic in Singapore the 3D mock-up or “Clin-check” of your current teeth and also showing us what your final outcome will look like. At this stage, we go through this with you to ensure you are pleased with the proposed final result. Should you desire any changes, we will do so for you.

Once you approve the proposed treatment plan, we will let Invisalign know to commence manufacturing the aligners. You will normally receive them within 3-4 weeks.

How often will I need to visit the dentist after receiving my aligners?

The great advantage with Invisalign is that monthly adjustment appointments with your dentist in Singapore are usually not necessary. We only need to see you to do specific things and to check that your teeth are tracking well.

This can be every 6 weeks, 2 months or even longer. It is very flexible.

Is it painful?

Another great advantage with Invisalign is the great deal of comfort throughout the process. There are no brackets and wire, so you do not feel anything pushing against your gums, lips or tongue. It is an entirely comfortable process.

How long will my treatment last?

This of course will be dependent on your specific condition. Some Invisalign treatments take as little as 10 weeks to achieve your dream smile. Others can take up to 12-14 months to achieve a great result.

One certainty is that as long as you wear your aligners, you will achieve a great result in a relatively short time frame. You will also enjoy the process.

How exactly do the aligners straighten my teeth?

Align technology which owns the Invisalign brand were the pioneers of using clear aligners to straighten teeth.

Essentially a clear aligner is made to fit on your teeth as they are right now. Then one is made for the final position of your teeth. Then aligners are made in between the start and finish changing the teeth position a few millimeters at a time. This does not put too much pressure on your teeth, so they remain healthy and strong.

But at the same time, we are also changing the position of each tooth with each aligner we wear. As long as your aligners are worn constantly, there will be a constant but very light force on each tooth to slowly move it into the desired position.

How many aligners are made for you depends on how much straightening needs to be done. It can range from only 7 aligners, all the way to upwards to 25 or 30 aligners.

Each aligner is generally worn for 2 weeks. During 2 weeks, your teeth shift into that positon predetermined for that particular aligner. Then we upgrade to the next aligner and so on until the teeth are in the final position shown to you at our initial 3D mock up.

Will I need retainers after Invisalign?

Generally, our clinic in Singapore recommends that patients wear clear retainers at night time only after having braces removed. This eliminates the chance of having your teeth relapse.

Our clear retainers are comfortable and smooth, and you will only need to wear them when you are sleeping at night.


  • Transparency in seeing what a potential final finished position of your teeth will look like. Using Invisalign’s 3-D CLINCHECK, you are able to see your current teeth side by side with the final position before proceeding with the treatment at our clinic in Singapore.
  • No dietary restrictions. Aligners are removed when eating so you can enjoy all your favorite foods.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. The “Smart Track” material is light and clear. It is almost undetectable to the naked eye.
  • The aligners are very comfortable so you will not have abrasion on your tongue, lips or cheeks.
  • Flexibility in removing aligners whenever you like.
  • Several aligners will be given to you at a time so you can reduce the time spent at the dental clinic. Our staff will always call or notify you when you are required to change to the next aligner in the set.
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Costs and Medisave

Invisalign is not Medisave claimable.

The cost is dependent on the type of Invisalign system we use for your specific case. Our Doctors will discuss the options and recommend the appropriate system for you. Quite often, we will go through treatment plans with a few systems before deciding on the one that suits you best.

All our Orthodontic patients enjoy specifically customized financing options tailored to your needs.

Our treatment coordinators will happily discuss cost options and financing options for all orthodontic work with you before proceeding.

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