Orthodontic (Teeth Straightening) Treatment

Orthodontic treatment aligns and straightens both your upper and lower teeth. It also corrects any problems with your bite e.g. an underbite, a deep overbite or an open bite.

This can be achieved through a variety of different methods depending on your personal preference and what your specific needs are.

Types of Braces

Metallic Braces

The conventional method involves fixing metallic braces on your teeth to eventually achieve alignment and a harmonious bite and smile.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces uses tooth-coloured braces. This is more discreet and less obvious during the treatment.


C-Fast corrects alignment issues confined to the upper and lower front 6 teeth. These are normally the teeth visible in your smile line. They are known as the ‘Social Six’.

It is a fast and effective method of correcting mild to moderate alignment issues affecting these teeth.

It is highly discreet due to the use of tooth-coloured brackets and white wires.

You should consider orthodontic treatment if:

  • You have crowded teeth
  • You have a crooked or uneven smile
  • You have spacing between your teeth
  • You have protrusive teeth
  • You have an uneven bite (specifically if you have a deep overbite or an under bite)
  • You have specific issues related to your jaw positions (for example a protrusive jaw or a retrognathic jaw)
  • If you have any aesthetic concerns over your teeth and smile


Well aligned teeth allow you to enjoy your favorite foods better without worrying about difficulties in chewing or food getting trapped between teeth.

We can then proceed with a thorough records-taking session. This involves:

  • A panoramic X-Ray 
  • A lateral cephalometric X-Ray 
  • Intra-oral scans of your teeth 
  • Impressions of your teeth 
  • Intra-oral and extra-oral photographs 

We then use these records to formulate the most ideal plan to reach your desired orthodontic goals.

How often will I need to visit the dentist after my orthodontic treatment?

It is usually advisable to have your braces adjusted every month. However, we see many overseas patients who cannot see us each month. In that event, we can still proceed with treatment and see you at less frequent intervals.

After the treatment is complete, we will encourage 6-monthly visits. This will allow us to: 

  • Check that your teeth are not relapsing and that they are maintained in their new straightened positions 
  • Check your retainers and clean them if necessary 
  • Do a routine check-up and scale and polish to maintain your oral hygiene 
Is it painful?

In the first few weeks, the brackets and wire can rub against your lips and cheeks causing some irritation. We will provide you with a special “orthodontic pack” which contains specific ointments, gels and other great methods of preventing such events from occurring and dealing with them when they do occur.

Rest assured however that this is only an initial phase. After a few weeks, your mouth and soft tissue will get used to the brackets and wire and not react any further.

How long will my treatment last?

This of course will be dependent on your specific condition. Some treatments can be finished in as short as 3 months. Others can take up to 2 years. There are many different factors like whether or not you need extractions and what specific conditions we are trying to correct.

Our doctors will always advise you very accurately how long your treatment will last for before proceeding. We will always stick to our timeline.

Will I need extractions?

There are many factors which determine whether you need extractions. The most important factor is you! Straightening of teeth can be done without extractions. However, if we feel a better result can be obtained with extracting teeth, we will tell you and explain in detail why we feel that way.

However, if you are still not eager to have teeth removed, we will be able to accurately show you what result we can get for you without extractions and you are free to decide which option you prefer. At Ashford, we always give our patients options to choose from and guide them on what we feel is best.

Rest assured, if extractions are opted for, they are done carefully and gently and under local anesthetic so you will not feel a thing.

Advantages of Orthodontic Treatment

Cost Information

The cost of Orthodontic Treatment depends upon the type and duration of treatment. At Ashford we offer interest free installment plans for all orthodontic treatment. Please get in touch with us for more pricing details.

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