Platelet Rich Fibrin

Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) has been used extensively in oral and maxillofacial surgery since 2001. It allows post-surgical sites to heal faster and yield optimal results.

PRF is created from a sample of a patient’s own blood. Platelet itself contains a high concentration of growth factors which promote wound healing. PRF is essentially a platelet rich biodegradable scaffold which contains specific cells and growth factors that enhance the wound healing process.

As it is made from a sample of a patient’s own blood, it harnesses all the healing cells and factors concentrating them into a pliable fibrin scaffold. There is no foreign material used.

Ideally PRF should be considered for anyone seeking a reduced healing time after a surgical procedure. Please note, however, that pursuant to the Ministry of Health’s regulations, there are specific procedures that PRF can be used for.

There are also patient-specific contraindications for using PRF.

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Is it painful?

No. It is simple procedure of drawing a small amount of blood prior to the start of your surgical procedure.

What are the advantages?
  1. Promoting wound healing 
  2. Faster healing after surgical procedures 
  3. Less discomfort during the healing phase 
  4. Faster regeneration of soft and hard tissue after a surgical procedure

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