Scaling and Polishing

Our teeth and gums are utilised everyday. The oral cavity also has a high load of bacteria at any given time. The chemical dynamics within the oral cavity allows the accumulation and hardening of plaque and bacteria no matter how well and often we brush and floss our teeth. For these reasons, our teeth and gums require regular maintenance to ensure good health and longevity.

Scaling and polishing is the procedure of removing plaque, bacteria and calculus (hardened plaque) from your teeth and gums.


Scaling and polishing is not a painful or unpleasant process. You will feel a light tickle as the scaler tip moves around your teeth and you will feel the gentle influx of water throughout the procedure.

How often can it be done?

This will largely depend on your level of oral hygiene. It is generally recommended to have the scaling and polishing procedure done every 6 months. However, in certain cases, we may recommend that it is done every 3 months instead. Such cases include:

  • Where someone has not visited a dentist in a long time 
  • Where there is generalized gum disease present 
  • Where a patient has specific medical conditions or takes certain medication affecting oral hygiene 
  • Where a patient’s oral cavity biochemistry leads to formation of calculus (hardened plaque) at a much faster rate 
  • Moderate or heavy smokers 

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