Sinus Lift

The Sinus Lift also known as the maxillary sinus floor augmentation, is a surgical procedure designed to increase the amount of bone in the maxilla (upper jaw) to facilitate the placement of a dental implant. 

Once tooth loss occurs, bone remodeling results in a significant loss of bone width and height. In addition to this, the maxillary sinus can pneumatize, further reducing the available bone for dental implant placement. A sinus lift creates space for bone grafting material to be used and an implant to be placed.

Types of Sinus Lifts

Internal Sinus Lifts

An internal sinus lift is used when the available space for a dental implant is more than 4mm of vertical bone but less than what is conventionally required for the placement of a dental implant. It is also used if one or few teeth need to be replaced.

External Sinus Lifts

An external sinus lift is used when there is less than 4mm of vertical bone available for the placement of a dental implant. It is also more useful when several teeth need to be replaced.

Who is suitable for a Sinus Lift?

You will require a sinus lift before your dental implant placement if:

  • You incurred severe bone loss at the potential site of the dental implant
  • Your maxillary sinuses have pneumatized (the physiological process that causes the maxillary sinuses to increase in volume)
  • You have lost back teeth in your upper jaw a fairly long time ago


Is the process painful?

Both Sinus Lift procedures are painless procedures as they are done under local anaesthesia. After an External Sinus Lift, there may be some mild discomfort for 1 to 2 days.

Cost Information

If you are a Singaporean or a permanent resident or you have an immediate family member who is, then you may use Medisave to cover a portion of the cost of an External Sinus Lift. An Internal Sinus Lift is not Medisave claimable. The cost of the procedure depends upon the severity of the condition and the number of sites being treated. Please get in touch with us for further pricing details.

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