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Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry is a truly pain-free & trouble-free alternative method of receiving any type of dental treatment. At Ashford, we have genuine understanding of the causes of dental fear. We also have a diverse range of methods to deal with this anxiety easily and effectively.

However, in certain circumstances, we do advise our patients to consider the sleep dentistry option.

This involves sedation to ensure you are comfortable & asleep when your procedure is done. Some of these instances include:

  • severe dental phobia brought on by severely traumatic previous experiences
  • highly complex treatment
  • highly complex treatment on young children

Sleep dentistry can be performed at our facility with an anesthetist present  & with our trained Doctors and nurses.

Our Doctors are also registered to perform dental treatment under General anesthetic (GA) at Novena Medical Centre using both our trained staff and nurses and the qualified team at Novena.

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Intravenous Sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation is done within our facility. Our very experienced anesthetist and other staff will be present with all the equipment and materials necessary to ensure a smooth and efficient procedure.

Once the medication is administered, you will be sedated completely. This allows us to complete any dental procedure that is required and desired by you. Throughout all this, our anesthetist remains present to monitor you and adjust doses accordingly.

This is the quintessential pain free method of performing dentistry. You are completely sedated and cannot feel a thing.

Upon awakening, we ensure you are healthy and pain free before moving you to one of our recovery areas to relax and recover in a no rush, hassle free process.

General Anesthetic

General Anesthetic (GA) is done at Novena Medical Centre. Here, you will be tended to by

  • Our specialist anesthetist
  • The staff nurses at Novena Medical Centre
  • Our experienced Dentist
  • Ashford’s experienced nursing staff

The GA is reserved for more complex procedures or complex procedures on young children which require sedation. This is why it is done in Novena.

As it is always with Ashford, our staff along with the Novena staff will be waiting for you upon your arrival. Once briefed and prepared, you are sedated completely in the operating theatre.

Our specialist anesthetist is always present along with our experienced dentist. They will both be constantly assisted by theatre and Ashford nurses.

Once the procedure is complete and you are awake, you will be moved to a recovery area where you can relax and recover with no rush or hassle. Our doctor will check that you are recovered and pain free before discharging you from Novena.

As it is a day surgery procedure, patients are usually only kept at Novena for an hour to ensure they are healthy and well recovered before being discharged and allowed to go home.

A review appointment is always scheduled at Ashford so our doctor can check that you are well and have recovered from your procedure. Our staff nurses always call you the next day to ensure you are recovering and you will always have our 24hr clinic mobile number to call or message in case you have any queries during your recovery.

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Costs and Medisave

Although not claimable from Medisave, the cost of sleep dentistry will depend on whether IV Sedation is done or a General Anesthetic is used. It will also depend on the procedures required. We will always go through the costs in detail with you before proceeding. We also offer flexible in house installment plans for your convenience.

Why choose Ashford?

General Dentistry


Our Doctors have more than 30 years of combined dental private practice experience. Performing dentistry on an unconscious or semi-conscious patient requires great care, skill and experience. All our clinicians and auxiliary staff members have been trained and are experienced in the provision of sedation dentistry.

Sophisticated patient comfort systems

At Ashford, the process is likely to be the smoothest and most relaxing you will encounter. Upon awakening, you will recover in one of our comfortable and relaxing recovery areas before being discharged. There will be no rush, no complications and no difficulties. This is due to the fact that our facility is purpose built to cater for sleep dentistry.

Novena Medical Centre

In some case, for e.g. small children or medically compromised patients, we use Novena Medical center to carry out the sleep dentistry procedure. All our doctors are accredited to perform procedures in Novena. Furthermore, our doctors and staff members have worked with the Novena staff and facility so many times over the years that the procedure is always relaxed, smooth and efficient.


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