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Singapore is known to be a small city. However, do not be deceived by its size. It is a well-performing country in terms of economy. It has one of the biggest economies in Southeast Asia. For more than a century, it is considered to be the most modern city in the region. Singapore is a mixture of different cultures and races. It is a blend of Malay, Arabian, English and many more cultures. As a place for travel, visitors can enjoy a lot of places for sightseeing. It is also a haven of cuisine and culinary wonders.

Singapore is a place to go for its wide array of traditional festivals. You can celebrate with the locals on their feasts and holidays. Truly, it is very rich in culture.


Singapore has a very strategic location. It is found at the southern portion of the peninsula of Malaysia. It consists of a big island of Singapore. Plus, it has 63 islets found within Singapore’s territorial waters. The main island of Singapore has a land area of about 647.5 square kilometers. It has a central district that is a host to different businesses. You will see several high-rise structures in that area. The cityscape looks entirely good to look at anytime of the day. However, this is especially magnificent at night when the lights are on. The Singapore seaport is also the busiest in the world.


It was the British who basically started the modernization of Singapore. Its colonization over India and trade with China pushed it to build a port in the region where Singapore is situated. Thus, the latter has become a trading post of the British Colony. It was in the year 1818 that the trading station was approved. A formal treaty was made in 1819. Since then, Singapore has already been providing big revenues for the colony and its status as a British possession was later on formalized in 1824 through the Anglo-Dutch Treaty. Later on, the Straits Settlements was concluded and Singapore along with Penang and Malacca was under the control of British India. In 1869, it has been a major port of call for ships traveling from Europe and East Asia. Self-government for Singapore was attained by the year 1956 wherein the first general election was conducted. In 1965, Singapore has become independent and formally separated from Malaysia.

As of mid 2017, the population of Singapore is at the 5.61 million marks. It is said that a large chunk of its population is composed of non-residents. As of density, it is the second densest in the world. Monaco being the first.

The general weather in Singapore is hot and humid. Throughout the year, it is humid and warm. The average temperature never drops below 20°C even during the nighttime. At day, the temperature can rise up to 30°C. The highest temperature recorded lately was 35°C. Singapore is rainy by the last two months of the year. For tourists, it is best to visit Singapore from June to August. It is also an ideal place for those who love the summertime.


Singapore’s constitutional format is parliamentary republic. It has a unicameral parliamentary form of government similar to the Westminster system. Its constitution has an established representative democracy. The Cabinet of Singapore plays the role of the Executive power. This is led by the Prime Minister. The latter is elected via popular vote. The Legislative branch is exercised by the Parliament. This is composed by elected and nominated members on plurality basis. Singapore’s legal system is highly influenced by English Common Law.


The good thing about Singapore is that most of the education in all levels up to the tertiary level is State subsidized. It is mandated by the government that the educational institutions are registered. The official medium of instruction in the Education system is English. The stages of Education in Singapore start with primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Singapore students excel in the following subjects: Math, Reading and Science.


In the medical scene, Singapore is known to be excellent in terms of services and facilities. It is a popular place for medical tourism in the Southeast Asian Region. The dental health field in the area is also a booming industry. Although the prices are lower as compared to their Western counterparts, Singapore medical facilities are at par with the outcomes and services.

It boasts of its efficient health care system. In fact, the World Health Organization ranks Singapore as 6th in terms of the delivery of medical and dental health in the world. Dental services in Singapore are world class. The dentists are globally competitive and are able to perform complicated operations. You can see a long list of dental professionals practicing in Singapore. You can search for their names online and check out their websites to learn more about their services and the packages they offer.


Many surveys say that if you want to satisfy your thirst for culture, then Singapore is a good place to go. There are a lot of Museums that you can go to. You will be busy hopping from one place to another. This will be entirely dependent on what you want. Whether you like arts, modern architecture and design or other contemporary works, you will enjoy Singapore. A must-see place to visit is the National Gallery Singapore. Next is the Asians Civilizations Museum which features artifacts from the region. You an also bask on other Historic buildings preserved in Singapore dating back from the pre-British era.

Food & Cuisine

As the region’s most expensive place to live in, it also has the best food to try. The people in Singapore are obsessed with food. Singapore has 277.6 square miles of food-filled place. This is the Hokkien mee center. It features different cuisines only found in the region. The country is also famous for internationally acclaimed restaurants and chefs.


Singapore’s shopping scene is also on the rise and the grandest and latest ION Orchard Mall was built. It is located at the main intersection at Orchard Road. You can find different Luxury brands. It has a futuristic architecture that will surely amaze visitors. ION also has a residential tower which is the poshest in the region. The Orchard Road is mainly the place where malls line up. There are also small boutiques and department stores plus specialty stores that you can shop in.

Fun and Amusement

While it may be true that Singapore is expensive, there are other fun things that you can do that does not entail spending much. You can go to the Marina Bay sands show. The Movie Mob is also a good place to go because it is an old-school outdoor movie experience for you. If you are more of the nature-lover type, the Southern Ridges is the one for you. You can see a chain of green space in this area. It is best to visit this at night. There are also monkeys in the area. The ION Sky is the newest attraction. It is found at the highest floor of ION Orchard. There is an observation deck in the building overlooking the island.