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Sterilization & Safety

Fundamental to success in clinical dentistry is practicing a high standard of infection control in a safe environment.


At Ashford, we insist upon the highest standards on infection control and sterilization for the health and well-being of our valued patients.


  • Our dentists and staff are trained and monitored on infection control and safety practices.


  • We do not re-use consumable equipment. All our instruments are soaked & cleaned first before being vacuum sterilized which is the highest standard of industry practices.


  • All equipment is tracked& tagged by our managers to ensure that every item has been sterilized according to the cycle. This ensures there can be no lapses in infection control.


  • Our dental operatories are thoroughly wiped down and disinfected after each patient. This is regardless if any treatment was done or not.


  • Our clinicians (dentists & assistants) wear protective masks, gloves, scrub wear, and eye protection.


  • Our patients are also provided with protective eyewear


  • Our staff follow universal infection control procedures for all patients


  • The entire facility is cleaned and disinfected again at the conclusion of each work day. All waste materials are disposed of in accordance with guidelines set by the Ministry of Health.


The highest standard of infection control, sterilization cycles, patient and clinician protection form an integral part of the Ashford Standard of Care.