The Art & Science of Dental Implants

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    Over the last decade, we have seen a surge in popularity of dental implants to replace lost teeth. In times gone by, when you lost a tooth a dentist might recommend a denture or a fixed bridge; many times, people did not even worry about replacing a lost tooth unless it was visible.

    However, in modern times, more and more people are realizing that living with missing teeth (even those you can’t see) is difficult. It affects chewing, which in turn affects our digestion and general health. It can strain the muscles and joints around your jaw. It can put unnecessary pressure on other teeth which lead of cracking and pressure related issues on those teeth.

    The bottom line is, people in Singapore and across the developed world are seeing the importance of replacing lost teeth as soon as they are lost.

    Dental implants have enjoyed tremendous popularity over the last decade. The main reason for this is that dental implants are meant to be a lifelong solution to a lost tooth or teeth. Unlike a fixed bridge which will require replacement after several years, an implant stays in your jaw for life.

    Unlike a denture which is removable, an implant is fixed in your jaw and cannot be removed. Hence, having a tooth affixed back in your jaw, as a lifelong solution to the lost tooth is very much the same as not having lost the tooth in the first place!

    One of the first things that come into mind with implant placement for most people is the discomfort involved and the costs involved. Due to the advancement of modern technology, dental implant placement takes a short time and causes virtually no pain or discomfort after its completed. Most people do not require pain relief and the procedure is done very quickly and efficiently.

    Due to the sheer number of implant brands available for dentists to use nowadays, the costs are also kept quite manageable for people. In addition, if you are a Singaporean or a Permanent Resident, you can use Medisave to pay a large portion of the costs.

    Hence, the lack of discomfort and manageable costs make implants the most popular choice for replacing lost teeth.

    So how does this work? Can anyone do this? Is there a science to it? The answer is a slightly more complicated. An implant works so well because it is a titanium lined fixture. When placed in bone it oxidizes and forms a layer of titanium oxide. This is what fuses with the bone around the implant via a process known as osseointegration.

    The placement of a dental implant requires an in-depth knowledge of bone types, angulation, biology, anatomy and most of all, experience. Ideally, dental surgeons undergo training for years which includes both practical and theoretical exercises before they can place their first implant. Even so, there are a whole list of aspects to surgical implant placement and the subsequent tooth replacement which require experience to understand and navigate.

    Ashford Dental Centre in Singapore is well renown for dental implant surgical and prosthetic procedures. This is because all our dental surgeons have undergone specialized training in the field of implantology. Even our nursing staff have undergone nursing training specific to implants.

    We also carry several implant systems and use the ones best suited to you according to your bone type, age and medical history.

    We have the most sophisticated software to image bone types and ensure perfect placement and restoration of your implant.

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