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Virtual Consultation

Virtual Consultation

The team at Ashford Dental proudly brings to all our patients our new Virtual Consultation platform.

This platform allows you to upload photos of your teeth. Our experienced clinicians will review the photographs and generate a report.

We will then send you the report which will contain our clinical findings from your photographs (for example decay, tooth wear, gum inflammation etc.) and a list of remedies we feel you will benefit from.

Our team will be able to reach out to you after you have seen your report to schedule an in-person consult.

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*Notice about Circuit Breaker period*

As during this period all dental clinics island-wide are only performing essential/urgent dental services, our Virtual Consultation platform allows new and existing patients to connect with us regarding treatments which may not be deemed as essential/urgent.

We will be able to provide you with guidance on your specific concerns and should the matter be non-urgent, we will schedule an appointment with you to see one of our clinicians after the Circuit Breaker period.

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Support for our existing patients

We encourage all our existing patients who do not have urgent/essential dental needs to use this service in order to stay connected with us.

This is especially true for our Invisalign and general orthodontic patients. We understand there are times you may not be able to visit us (for example during the current Circuit Breaker period). But as responsible clinicians, we want to keep in touch to ensure your teeth are healthy and tracking as they should be.

Should you have any essential or urgent needs, we will see you immediately.

For new patients

If we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting you in person, we encourage you to use this service in order to get an idea of what (if any) dental treatments you may need and are suitable for you.

The platform will allow us to gauge any potential problems you may have and the possible remedies available to you.

We can then schedule a follow up, in-person consultation at one of our dental facilities.

However, should you have any urgent needs, we will be able to see you immediately.

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*Important Notice*

Notwithstanding the advances of modern technology, a virtual consultation can never truly replace a physical consultation with us. 

The intent of the virtual consultation is to give you an idea of what dental problems you may have and what possible remedies there are. 

It is NOT a clinical diagnosis. 

It is merely a guide. 

Please ensure for optimal results, that you do schedule a follow up in person visit with one of our experienced dentists. 

How to get started

Ashford Dental Centre virtual-icon-1 Virtual Consultation

Fill the form below and upload your photos

Ashford Dental Centre virtual-icon-2 Virtual Consultation

Send them to be reviewed by a dental practitioner

Ashford Dental Centre virtual-icon-3 Virtual Consultation

Get a comprehensive report of your oral condition.