Why Consider Dental Implants


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    Dental implants are now the most popular way of replacing lost teeth in Singapore. In this article, we discuss why they are so popular and outline their benefits.

    1. It is a lifelong solution

    Our Dental implants in Singapore are made to last a lifetime. If done well, under the correct clinical conditions, by the properly trained and qualified dentists in Singapore; there is no reason why an implant should not last a lifetime.

    2. Its feels and looks like your real teeth

    Nothing mimics the aesthetics and function of natural tooth like a dental implant. They are strong enough to withstand strong bite forces and mimic tooth structure like no other tooth replacement option. Because an implant fuses with your jawbone through a process known as osseointegration, it becomes one with your bone. As such, it is effectively lie having your old tooth back again! The difference being that you have a stronger and more powerful replacement.

    3. It’s a fast and easy process

    As one of the best implant dentist in Singapore,  our clinical expertise allow us to place an inplant within 15 minutes, under local anesthetic so you do not feel a thing. It is a completely painless and pleasant procedure. Because it is done so efficiently, there is virtually no downtime. Our patients are fine by the following day allowing you to resume physical activities, work and anything else.

    4. You can have a same day replacement

    If you have a lost tooth and want an immediate replacement, dental implants are perfect for you. This is because all dental implants can have a temporary crown attached to them the same day the implant is placed. That means if you happen to break your tooth or lose a front tooth, we at Ashford are able to place an implant and provide an immediate crown for you on the same day! That means while you may come to clinic in Singapore with a lost or broken tooth, you can leave with an implant and a brand new tooth, all in less than 30 minutes!

    5. Its MediSave claimable

    If you are a Singaporean or a PR, you can actually use your MediSave to offset a certain amount of the dental implants in Singapore. This means that the cost of the most popular tooth replacement option is now affordable for everyone.

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